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Catching Pop Time Drills

Having a great defensive catcher is a crucial in having a successful and winning season. A catcher must call the right sequence of pitches and know the opposing team’s hitters. It is also extremely important to be able to prevent runners from stealing bases and prevent them from advancing to scoring position.

A great catching drill for a catcher to develop proper throwing mechanics and improve footwork is the Cross Drill. This will give the catcher the best pop time and increase his accuracy and quickness on throws to 2nd base.

You should draw a large “T” on the ground or on the rug if you are indoors. Using the proper ready position, begin with your feet on the top of the “T” – the line that runs left to right. This is the line that runs perpendicular to the pitcher. Both of your feet should be in contact with this line, with your left foot slightly in front of the right (for right-handed ballplayers). Using the jab step or replacement method of throwing, stay low and make a throw down to 2nd base. Stop in the arm-cocked position and check your feet alignment. Both of your feet should be on the vertical line – the line that runs straight toward the mound. If they aren’t, you are out of position. Try again and make an adjustment. Be sure you are not off-balance. Repeat the drill until both of your feet end up on  the vertical line. You may also try this drill using the rock-and-throw method… but you should start with your plant foot on the intersection of the two lines of the “T”. This is the PERFECT do-it-alone training drill to help you improve your throwing mechanics.

The player should perform this drill and work on getting faster each time he does it. Work on doing the driull correctly each and every time. This will help build muscle memory and it will become second nature.